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Cover as much as you can and want to, at the price you can afford. Plus you get R 2.5 Million third party liability cover.

We can’t predict when things go wrong, but we can be covered, for when they do.

We believe in simple insurance. We live for it. We believe in insurance that is easy to use, understand and apply. Because we care about you, and we care about quality insurance you can afford.

Our car and household insurance is unlike the others out there, that’s because we let you choose and manage your premium directly from your smartphone through our app or online self service portal - it’s that simple.

This gives you the power to choose how much cover you want and what premium (this is your monthly payment) best suits your budget.

All you must do, to get covered, is snap a selfie of your car and sign up through the App.

Car Insurance

The simplest car insurance - ever:

  • No vehicle inspections - simply snap a pic and upload it to the app
  • Adjustable cover – Cover as much as you can afford with our flexible cover slider
  • Instant and easy claims

Examples of vehicles we will cover:

  • A motor vehicle privately used, including minibuses, SUVs, station wagons, self-propelled motor homes (motorised caravans) and passenger-carrying vehicles designed with the capacity to seat no more than 7 people including the driver and not having a gross vehicle mass of more than 3,500kgp

Household Insurance

House insurance made easy:

  • No home inspections - Simply snap pics of your home items & upload.
  • Easy to use claim process through the app
  • Upload an item when you want it covered and remove it when you don’t

Examples of what we will cover:

  • Household goods and personal belongings inside the home for which you are responsible.
  • Fixtures and fittings inside the home that you own or for which you are legally responsible.

Household Contents Exclude:

  • Any household goods and personal belonging that you take away from your home, or which are more specifically insured we have On-The-Go insurance for that -find out more
  • Landlord’s fixtures and fittings
  • Motor vehicles, trailers, caravans (but we cover scale models of motor vehicles)
  • Ride-on lawn mowers
  • Watercraft except for canoes, kayaks (but we cover models of watercraft)
  • Aircraft and their accessories (but we cover models of aircraft);
  • Pets and other animals. (We do cover your pet's health under our Oneplan Pet Insurance product click here to get more info: Oneplan Pet Insurance )

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