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Our DIY Pre-Paid Claim Process with the Oneplan App

Our 4 easy claim steps to load health care visits (Health and Pet Clients)

download the oneplan health insurance app on the google playstore

Login to the
Oneplan App

download the oneplan health insurance app on the google playstore

Load a Claim

download the oneplan health insurance app on the google playstore

Money will be
loaded onto
your Oneplan Claim Card

download the oneplan health insurance app on the google playstore

You can then
swipe after
your consultation

Dont feel like reading?

Download our self help claim process document which has easy to follow “How to Video” links, which you can pause and rewind to assist you along the way in managing your Health, Pet and Car & Household policy and claiming in the Oneplan app.


Oneplan continuously keeps up with technologies, ensuring clients easy access to their policies and enabling them to load claims, check statements, update information wherever they are. All in a way the client is most comfortable and familiar with.

Our App was developed to make our clients lives as simple as possible when it comes to managing their health care cover.

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The Oneplan Claim Card™

Only Health Clients and Pet - Hospital, Classic & Super Policy Holders, will be issued a Oneplan Claim Card.

Oneplan issues a Oneplan Claim Card in order to pay the upfront claims instantly through the Oneplan App, which you manage in the palm of your hand. The claims that we pay upfront within minutes, to the Oneplan Claim Card, before you see your practitioner are:

Health Insurance – GP Visits, Dentist, Blood Tests, X-Rays and Optometry (Specialist and Pre Birth Visits take up to 48 hours to process as a referral letter is required for approval)

Pet Insurance – Vet Visits and Routine Care

We can also process refunds directly to the Oneplan Claim Card quicker than to your bank account, should you have paid the claim yourself.

The Oneplan Claim Card’s balance, loading of funds, transactions, and pin can all be managed through the Oneplan App.

Multiple cards can be issued to each member on a policy. There is a per Card & Admin Fee of R160 once off (includes door to door courier), this also applies for a replacement card. Your Oneplan Claim Card is ordered upon inception of your policy, which means when your policy starts or your first debit order is received, your Oneplan Claim Card is submitted for personalisation and processed for delivery to your chosen card delivery address.

How do you preload a claim?

Simply login to the Oneplan App with your policy number and password (make sure you have registered first)

Open your policy (Health or Pet) and select my claims and then load claim, you will insert the date of your consultation, who is seeing the doctor or vet, and select the card you want to load the funds to (that’s if you have more than one card on your policy), enter the amount you have for a visit as per your policy benefit amounts and click process.

You will receive and SMS with your fund amount loaded and your Card Balance. Make sure you have your pin handy for when you swipe at the doctor or vet. If you cant remember it, you can reset your pin in the app under My Cards.

You use the card exactly the same as you would a debit card. If the invoice is more than your benefit visit amount you will need to pay in the difference.

It is helpful to also snap a photo of your invoice and upload the image to the claim under My Claims in the app, to help our claims administration.

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